Crossroads Pregnancy Centers | Abstinence
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What is Abstinence? 

Abstinence is the choice to refrain from sexual activity until marriage. It is a positive lifestyle that emphasizes personal responsibility, healthy relationship skills, how to achieve goals, and so much more.

Abstinence education teaches that everyone is valuable for who they are and not what they do. Young people are taught that sex is something special to be enjoyed at the proper time and place: in a healthy, committed faithful marriage. Parents and families of teens are encouraged to take an active role in their youths’ sexual education, for they are proven to be extremely influential factors.

Abstinence is the only 100% effective means for preventing all sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and the emotional consequences often associated with sex outside of marriage. As a result, it is the best and healthiest message to promote in today’s sex-saturated culture. Abstinence from sexually activity until marriage includes vaginal intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, and mutual sex play.

Abstinence education is character-based education that provides opportunities for youth, from their earliest years, to develop character traits like respect for self and others, responsibility, honesty, self-discipline, self-control, integrity, fairness, courage, etc. With these skills and traits, abstinence not only makes sense, but is a truly viable option.

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